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What is Shroudy Software?

Shroudy Software is a team of a developer, artists and idea-people as the mastermind of making fun new experiences for all to enjoy.




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See some gameplay examples and some awesome channels!



Here's some of the games we've worked on:

The Cake is ALIVE!

As a valued employee, we'll ensure that  you're rewarded on completion of the testing.  The agreement you signed covers accidental loss of life , so you're covered!







Cropped is a first-person action horror adventure - Survive the night as the farm you've arrived at has taken a turn for the worse...

   Wishlist on Steam!


2022-05-03 18_59_00-cropped1.png _ 50% (RGB_8#) _.png

Executable Education

A layered horror-based experience with a classic spin on some education and frightening games. Starring everyone's favorite executable character! ;)



2022-01-07 09_31_50-Typo - Menu - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone - Unity 2020.1.15f1 Personal

Shrek : The Forbidden Onion

A survival-horror game with more than a couple layers.

Brought to life as a joke, to end lives.

Play for free here:

2021-12-14 18_48_02-Edit project -

Thomas : The Shank Engine

A horror-based survival game featuring everyone's favorite: Thomas the Shank Engine.

Try to get home in this exciting straight-to-free-download game!

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Get in Touch

Interested in learning more about my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Fling me a message!

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The Shroudy Software Team

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Develop Dude

2022-01-12 19_06_05-e2009301-d4a9-4705-a358-0aca2d79c286.png (48.0 KiB)  _ - Krita.png


Music Man

2022-01-21 18_37_27-IMG_0012.PNG (296.0 KiB)  _ - Krita.png


Tune Wizard

2022-01-12 19_12_25-Untitled 2.gif - Paint.png


Friends that we drag in to test our games (thank you!)

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Collab / Input ?

Definitely! Depending on what's on the go, please reach out and I'd be happy to have a discussion. There's so many talented developers and artists, and the best way to get more good games, is to encourage more developers!

For any business inquiries, please start your email with [Business] or a relevant prefix so your email doesn't get missed.

How do you do (x)?

Although we won't release any source, let us know if there's something technical you want to know how to do and if we can tell you, we will. :)

Can I see what you're working on?

Please join us on Patreon! :)
Aiming to have options for developers to get hands on demos or dev builds while in development!


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